Overview – Lip Filler Dissolving

It isn’t a surprise that “Lip fillers” have been one of Google’s top beauty search terms for quite some time. This quick, affordable and confidence-boosting procedure is one of the most popular aesthetic treatments that women and men have been booking for the past few years. Nevertheless, we have observed an increase of clients enquiring about dissolving their lip fillers.

Dr Aziz regularly speaks to our clients about their safety and how to maintain a healthy and natural appearance. Currently, to inject dermal fillers, practitioners don’t need to have a medical degree or any relevant medical qualifications, and more interestingly there are no formal regulations about the environment fillers are administered in or even what product is used. This has led to the rise of unregulated practitioners offering dermal fillers at lower prices than regulated, safe, doctor-led clinics, like Azthetics. Our clinics are based in Bristol and Weston- Super Mare. These affordable practitioners seem like good value but are rarely safe and you might be putting yourself at serious medical risk.

Why Get Your Lip Fillers Dissolved?

We have a few common examples that perhaps you or your friend have heard about:

  • You have received treatment from a practitioner who was poorly trained – they are more likely to give you disappointing results or even inject in a way that is dangerous to your health!
  • This can lead to painful bruises, discolouration or overly sensitive lips.
  • Poor injection of filler can block arteries or veins, leading to swelling, infection, and even cause permanent tissue death (necrosis) if the filler isn’t removed immediately from the blood supply.
  • If filler blocks tissue around the area of eyes, there is a risk of permanent blindness.
  • The injected filler that is too close to the surface of the lip, will cause the appearance of hard lumps and bumps, making them look uneven and misshapen.
  • Incorrectly administered filler can migrate over time, moving above your lip line and making you look swollen in the wrong places, especially around your upper lip.
  • Lip filler dissolving can also be used by patients who wish to reduce the volume of their lips and go back to the more natural look, as famously done by Kylie Jenner.


As these ‘back-street’ clinics become more popular over time, Doctor Aziz has seen an increasing number of clients coming to our clinics to dissolve their lip filler and asking for re-enhancement of their natural lips in a clinical environment that is safe and run by experienced doctors. In the Azthetics Clinic, we are first and foremost committed to the safety of our clients.

You should only trust the best with your health and beauty. Without a doubt, we are one of the most trusted providers of the most advanced cosmetic beauty treatments, and it is for this reason we regularly receive clients who have travelled into Bristol or Weston-Super Mare just to see us from a far and abroad!

What Is Lip Filler Dissolving Treatment?

Lip filler dissolving is a procedure that is used to break down dermal filler safely, quickly and comfortably. The treatment works by injecting hyaluronidase into the lips area, which is an enzyme that is naturally produced in your body. Normally, when you have lip fillers, hyaluronic acid-based fillers are used which are naturally occurring in the body.  If you need your fillers dissolved, we safely inject, more concentrated amount of hyaluronidase to break down the hyaluronic acid in the filler formula, which immediately is carried away by your own body natural systems.

Doctor Aziz has worked with many patients to revert poorly injected fillers that led to health complications, and unsatisfactory results. His speciality is dermal fillers and profile balancing. He promotes overall wellbeing and safety of all his patients, providing a bespoke treatment for each individual.

Before & After Gallery


Before and after lip filler dissolved and refilled


Before and after lip filler dissolved and refilled


Before and after lip filler dissolved and refilled


Our Process in Azthetics Clinic

At Azthetics we stand for safe, flawless and long-lasting results for all of our clients. Doctor Aziz has an in-depth understanding of the anatomy of face and lips and knows how to correct even the most minor complications. Dr Aziz is a true specialist that utilises techniques that are the most medically safe, almost painless and immediately effective. 

When you come to the clinic for lip filler dissolving treatment, we’ll take pictures of your lips to keep track of your current condition. We will then provide you with all the information and advice on how effectively we can improve your lips and give you that all-natural look.

Our client’s health and safety are the first priority at Azthetics Clinic. We make sure that your results are the most clinically effective and simply flawless. You can visit our Instagram page to see our before and after treatments photos. 

There is a risk of a localized or systemic reaction after dissolving your lip fillers, which we will discuss with you before the procedure and conduct a patch test to ensure your safety. Lip filler dissolving is a time-efficient treatment, and the injection usually only takes around three to four minutes to take effect. We will also apply numbing cream for your lips to reduce discomfort. Overall, the procedure takes around 20 minutes. If swelling occurs, you won’t be able to see the results until around 24 hours after treatment, once the swelling has gone down.

Aftercare Advice

We have listed a few common side effects that you should be aware of after lip fillers dissolving treatment:

  • Small swelling from 24-72 hours after the procedure is very common. You might also see some slight bruising due to the injections which is absolutely normal. However, if swelling is still appearing after three days post-treatment, you should contact the clinic.
  • You may experience an allergic reaction with lip fillers dissolving treatment. Doctor Aziz will carry out a patch test before the procedure, to make sure that you can safely continue with treatment, but if you experience any allergy symptoms, such as itching, irritation, changing redness, pain or shortness of breath, you should seek medical help immediately.
  • Your lips should return to their natural condition after a few days.  After that, you should wait at least two weeks before booking any other lip filler treatments. This way, you give the lips time to heal and allow the full dose of hyaluronidase to be broken down by the body.

To find out more about Azthetics Clinic, or any of our treatments including lip fillers dissolving, contact us today!

Please share this blog post with anyone who is considering lip dissolving treatment. Azthetics Clinic takes great pride in enhancing our client’s external beauty but most importantly we put our client’s internal health and happiness first.

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