What do you expect when you think of hair removal?

Whether you are a man or a woman, you will instantly get a feel for pain. Yes, the pain may vary in scale for one person to the next. But surely, pain it is!

Traditionally, men are more than likely to be more sensitive to pain associated with hair removal methods than women. As you would expect, men have little tolerance to plucking, threading, waxing, etc. than women!

Laser hair removal treatments are often sought after as a good alternative to avoid a painful experience.

But a painless & permanent treatment for laser hair removal?

I would sign up for that right now!

The ultimate mission being hairless and that too, in a painless way. If you are looking for laser hair removal in Bristol, then you will find the right solution here.

bikini zone Laser hair removal

But laser hair removal is not pain free!!!

Well, technology has brought forward many benefits for us, and in the laser skincare treatment industry, we at adopted a pain free solution.

We provides its treatment solutions using Soprano ICE Laser Hair Removal in Bristol!

Yup, you heard that right – an ice cool laser hair removal experience.

When you think of hair removal, what areas do you think of immediately with a flinch?

The two main areas that do it for me are underarms and of course the private areas in the down-there region (for those who may not be clear enough, think about front, back, sides & crack areas).

The latest innovation in the laser hair removal industry is ICE laser.

What is the Soprano ICE Laser?

Ice laser is obviously the latest innovation in laser hair removal treatments. The Soprano ICE Platinum device is used for face and body. It operates like traditional method to heat up and destroy the hair follicle to disrupt the hair growth.

But it does so without getting the heat to contact the skin. The part which comes into contact with the skin is ice cold, keeping you feeling comfortable while the damage gets done to the hair roots.

What is the difference of ICE laser to traditional or IPL?

The following are the primary differences:

  • The cold tip is so cool that you will not notice it to heat up
  • A gel is applied to your skin
  • Prepping the skin area with the gel allows the device to glide over your skin without friction
  • Unlike IPL methods where the device is lifted and moved to a new area
  • ICE laser devices are more thorough as they can glided over the same area multiple times
  • Much less painful as the jolt of laser is non-existent and the heat is almost never felt
  • ICE laser is safe for use on all different skin types
  • Traditional methods were more or less effective on particular skin & hair types

Cool Experience of Soprano ICE Laser Hair Removal in Bristol

As like normal laser hair treatment, the patch test ensures that there are no adverse or unexpected reactions to either the gel or the device. If your skin is fine, you will be able to book your appointment.

Day before, you must of course shave the areas needing the treatment. The area is cleared of any substances such as deodorant for underarms, etc. for the gel to be applied. The time or the session length depends on the quantity of hair in the area.

Even for the thickest hairs, or the hardest or the most sensitive patches, it is quite easy!

When compared to traditional laser hair removal methods or treatment sessions, ICE laser hair removal Bristol experiences are much finer. The slightest hint of pain maybe only in your most sensitive areas. Other than that, you will enjoy the cooling sensation only!

laser gel applied with device

Before, during and even after the full treatment using the Soprano ICE Platinum device and the technicians are considerate of your experience. Noticeable results may appear even after just the first session.

But in order to get completely hair free, you will need multiple sessions. So, whether it is your most sensitive areas or the most untouched areas, your desired level of hairlessness will vary.

We have adopted the use of the Soprano ICE laser for all our face and body laser hair removal treatments. We like to ensure our clients that the treatment works through our integration of the latest laser industry technologies and the using of varying laser wavelengths.

The Soprano ICE is easily one of the most advanced hair removal devices available in the market today. It is also the safest and equally the most effective laser hair removal treatment available today.

Regardless of your skin type, hair type or other common medical conditions, the Soprano ICE Laser is suitable for majority of all patients for both the face and body.

For those of you who are fed up of waxing, in-grown hairs, painful plucking, threading, or bleaching and especially for those with sensitive skin conditions – ICE laser hair removal is here to your rescue!