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Fat cell dissolving injections

Fat cell dissolving injections is a cutting-edge formula that is a non-surgical method of permanent fat cell reduction that is designed to minimise downtime.

Fat cell dissolving injections, using the specially formulated Desoface and Desobody, will help you to achieve a slimmer looking face and contoured body, with long-lasting results and minimal downtime.

What does fat cell dissolving treatment involve?

Permanent fat cell dissolving is a doctor led, injectable, non-surgical treatment offered by Azthetics Clinic.

Desoface and Desobody work by dissolving fat pockets that are difficult to lose using classical diet and exercise plans. They are hailed as the next generation of injectable fat dissolvers on the UK market.

This new fat dissolving injection is specifically designed to treat those difficult localised pockets of fat. The active ingredient in Desoface and Desobody is Sodium Deoxycholate. This naturally occurring compound is a precursor to deoxycholic acid which is a bile acid present within the body. Its ability to affect cell membranes in adipocytes when injected makes it perfect for fat dissolving procedures.

If you are looking to slim your body and remove unwanted and stubborn fat non surgically, you should choose fat dissolving injections. The treatment can be used not only for the double chin but it also perfectly works to remove fat from other parts of the body like waist, arms or outer thighs. This innovative fat dissolving method is continualy its growing in popularity among our existing and new clients.

Fat dissolving treatment - before and after

What can you treat

  • Chin
  • Upper arms
  • Bra bulge
  • Hips
  • Upper abdomen
  • Lower abdomen
  • Outer thigh
  • Inner thigh

Treatment summary

  • Procedure time: 30 – 40 mins
  • Anasteathic: Topical
  • Full recovery: Next day
  • Minimal downtime
  • Sensitivity period: 1-3 days
  • Risk & complications: Low
  • Best results: 2 to 5 treatments (depending on the size of the area treated )
  • Duration of results: Long-lasting with a healthy lifestyle

Your consultation with Azthetics Clinic

Before your fat cell dissolving injection at our Bristol or Weston-super-Mare clinic, we will discuss your concerns and expectations and examine the chosen treatment areas. This will allow us to create your personal treatment plan which is tailored to you and your needs. We will also document your progress by taking some regular images throughout the treatment course.

One of our experienced doctors will use a local anaesthetic to help with any mild discomfort during the treatment and it is generally a very comfortable procedure for all of our clients. You should expect some degree of swelling and oedema in the area post-treatment which will self resolve quickly. Generally, it is a very safe and effective method of fat cell reduction.

How many treatments will you need?

While many clients respond really well to just a single treatment, to achieve the best and long-lasting results, our doctors recommend a course of two to five treatments, depending on the size of the treated area. Most commonly seen in our clients, are two to three treatments, six weeks apart.

Fat cell dissolving treatment aftercare

After each treatment, you will be given information from your doctor how to look after the areas of injected parts of your body. While many clients respond really well to just a single treatment, to achieve the best and long-lasting results, our doctors recommend a course of two to five treatments, depending on the size of the treated area. Most commonly seen in our clients, are two to three treatments, with a break of four to six weeks apart. Immediately after treatment, there may occur slight swelling, redness, feeling tenderness, and itching sensation in the treated area. This mild discomfort generally lasts up to a few days at most following the treatment but does not affect the normal activities of daily living. If it continues or if other reactions occur, please call us immediately.

We will advise that after the treatment you should:

  • Avoid touching the treatment area for about 6 hours. Then after, the area can be gently washed with soap and water, or if you wear make-up, a light formula can be applied.
  • Do not expose the treated area to any type of intensive heat (e.g. sunbathing, sauna, solarium) or extreme cold.
  • If you are using any medication like aspirin, these may minimally increase the bruising and bleeding at the injection site.

Benefits of fat dissolving injections

  • Non – surgical. No need for cuts or stitches after on your body.
  • Fast recovery. You won’t need any type of hospitalisation after the procedure.
  • Mild side- effects. We have described in the Aftercare section what to expect after the injections.
  • Effective. The results will be fully visible after the swelling has gone done.
  • Long-lasting. With a healthy diet and lifestyle, you can expect amazing results!
Fat cell dissolving - Before and after treatment

Before and after treatment

Fat dissolving injection is a phenomenal solution to get rid of the unwanted fatty areas, which have not been responsive to any diet and exercise regime that you may have potentially tried. Thanks to this treatment and the expertise of our doctors, you will be able to see your body changing for the better. Results are beyond fantastic. Book now, for your free consultation to find out more about the treatment and see one of our doctors in either the Bristol or Weston-super-Mare clinic.

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