Since 1999 Dermaquest has crafted the finest skincare products, available for home and professional care. They are an award winning international skin brand who embrace their role as the leaders in plant stem cell technology. 

Dermaquest has a variety of targeted collections of skin care products, each designed to treat a specific presenting complaint. They use advanced delivery systems and a unique layering technology which allows the products active ingredients to penetrate deep below the skins superficial layers. 

Dermaquest has eight product ranges designed to target common skin care concerns. In this article we will go through each of these ranges and discuss exactly what they aim to achieve and how. We will discuss why purchasing cosmeceutical brands rather than over the counter skincare is highly beneficial to the results that you may desire.

Each range contains products that fall into the 5-step routine recommended by Dermaquest to get your skin glowing. 

  1. Cleanse
  2. Hydrate
  3. Repair
  4. Moisturise
  5. Protect

This personalised 5 step routine can contain a combination of products from all 8 ranges. Your skin clinician will be able to build you your bespoke skincare routine with a collection of products needed target your skin concern. 

Essentials Collection

The essentials collection supplies the protection, nourishment and balance that your skin needs and deserves daily. It contains a variety of vital enzymes, vitamins, minerals and nutrients which are core products to revitalise any skin type. This range prepares the skin ready to address specific skin concerns with at home products or professional treatments. 

One of the most popular products in the essentials range is the ‘Essential B5 Hydrating Serum’. Your skin is the largest organ is the body, but is the last to receive the fluids that you consume orally. Applying this product to your skin is the equivalent of drinking 8 glasses of water a day solely for the skin. It provides hydration to the epidermis (surface layer of skin) all the down to the dermis (deep layer of the skin) providing an instant plump and hydration to the skin. The serum also contains ferulic acid which boosts other naturally occurring antioxidants. It’s also known to protect skin integrity by reducing wrinkles, fine lines and spots.

Peptide Vitality Collection

The many diverse capabilities of peptides miracles makes this collection the perfect antidote for aging skin. They prevent and overpower collagen breakdown whilst filling fine lines and wrinkles deep within the skin resulting in plump and smooth skin. 

The most powerful serum in the range containing 60% peptides is the ‘Peptide Line Corrector’. This serum fills fine lines and reduces wrinkles that have formed over time. For those seeking a needle free, non-invasive solution, this anti-wrinkle treatment prevents muscle contractions and wrinkle formation as it increases collagen and elastin production. 

C Infusion Collection

The C Infusion boasts the power of BVOSC, a highly stable and soothing version of Vitamin C. With the ability to provide a natural glow and vibrant skin, this collection energises and empowers. The orange stem cells, rich with antioxidants tighten and even the skin allowing the skin to bloom with these enriched nourishing formulas. It is the perfect treatment for skin that is just starting to show the early signs of aging. 

The C Infusion serum is the best-selling product in its range. The creamy moisturising serum is packed full of vitamin C to strengthen, brighten and protect the skin. It offers incomparable free radical and UV damage protection, starving off the signs of aging by increasing firmness, stimulating and protecting collagen and elastin. This helps to protect your skin from modern day stressors which act to enhance the aging process.

DermaClear Collection

The DermaClear collection combats acne. It offers a variety of products that are formulated to target breakouts as well as the underlying cause of acne to prevent it coming back. The products in this range prevent, supress and alleviate the countless troublesome symptoms of acne. 

The DermaClear serum is the only treatment moisturiser you need for acne prone skin. It fights the bacteria that causes breakouts, whilst also reducing inflammation and unblocking the pores to avert future breakouts. 

SkinBrite Collection

The SkinBrite collection has been crafted to banish dark spots, hyperpigmentation and under eye circles through the powers of brightening botanicals and illuminating ingredients. The SkinBrite collection evens out skin tone and brightens the skins complexion, leaving you no longer in the dark. 

SkinBrites eye saviour is an eye brightening cream formulated to combat dark circles, and pigmentation caused by sun damage. The cream is exceptionally hydrating and increases circulation by reducing puffiness and tired eyes. 

Sensitized Collection

The Sensitized collection was manufactured to take care and purify the most sensitive skin. Whether you have always had problems with hypersensitivity or skin that is prone to reacting to environmental stressors, the Sensitized collection offers the most gentle, calm and delicate products. This will allow your skin to be nourished and refreshed without shedding essential oils. 

The delicate soothing serum is a key product combining plant stem cells with antioxidants and hyaluronic acid to treat sensitive skin. The immediate effects of the soothing serum reduce redness and irritation from acne, rosacea, ablative treatments and anyone who suffers from hypersensitivity. 

Advanced Therapy Collection

The Advanced Therapy collection was crafted to give your personal home care regime a few special additions to give your skin that extra boost. 

The Mini Pumpkin mask is known as the ‘All Rounder’. It is an exceptional exfoliating treatment for all skin types and provides a glowing and bright complexion. It is particularly brilliant for those with hyperpigmentation, mild acne and blocked pores who want to smooth out the texture of their skin. 

Stem Cell 3D Collection

Leaving no stone unturned, the Stem Cell 3D Luxury collection boasts all of the incredible discoveries DermaQuest has made as the leaders in plant stem cell technology. With the complete 3D ritual, you will be immersed from head to toe in the most advanced cosmetic formulas, created to renew, repair and refine with excellent clinical results. 

The 3D Complex nourishes your skin with intense hydration whilst instantly brightening the skins complexion. Watch your skin roll back the years as this ultimate moisturiser combines the finest plant stem cells, antioxidants, peptide technology and skin brightening ingredients. By the end of your treatment course you will be left with a hydrated glow and fine lines and wrinkles will appear much reduced. 

Why chose to buy cosmeceuticals than over the counter skincare products?

Cosmetics are classified as anything that intends to cleanse, beautify, promotes attractiveness or alters the appearance. Cosmeceuticals are cosmetics with pharmaceutical properties. Cosmeceuticals contain high doses of ingredients such glycolic acids and retinoids, which are biologically active that can affect the behaviour and structure of the skin. 

Cosmetics aim to make the skin look good by appearing smoother and brighter. They use ingredients with large molecular structures that cannot penetrate into the skin, but instead rest on the surface. Whereas cosmeceuticals actually affect the way skin cells work by using ingredients with smaller molecular structure that are able to penetrate into the skin to interfere with living cells. 

Cosmeceuticals are incredibly powerful products, meaning they are often restricted to professional skincare professionals, who may recommend a consultation to assess your skin in order to build you a personalised skin care regime. 

The initial outlay on cosmeceuticals may be considered expensive but it must be remembered that these products are high grade, technically advanced and have been recommended by professionals to suit each individual skin concern.