Are you exhausted of all the conventional methods for hair removal?

With our lives getting busier every day, hair removal is one of the most time-consuming personal care essentials without a truly hassle-free solution. It is common to have tried all the over-the-counter hair removal products and settle for one which is most suitable to your situation.

But even then, a fast & reliable hair removal treatment is not widely available!

I am sure, even if you may not have used it all, you must have heard of the common hair removal treatment methods such as the most common – shaving, the pain of waxing, epilators, creams, tweezing or plucking, threading, etc.

type of hair removal methods

Did you know that a comfortable, safe & effective solution for removing unwanted body or facial hair can be laser hair removal in Bristol?

There are tons of consumer products available in the market for removing unwanted hair, so it is often easy to go for a quick solution instantly. But the quick solution may not be worthwhile according to your personal needs.

In this article, we will uncover the many pros & cons of all the most commonly used hair removal products. We will also go through all the basic & detail information about laser hair removal, how it works, the effectiveness of the results, cost-effectiveness, maintenance, limitations & other safety concerns.

As a result, you will be able to make a well-informed decision of whether to pursue laser hair removal in Bristol as a long-term solution for removing hair.

So, let’s start!

What is Laser Hair Removal?

A cosmetic solution using laser technology to remove hair follicles from your body is by definition laser hair removal. Laser is simply the use of focused light which targets hair follicle under your skin, consequently getting rid of hair on your skin and beneath.

The laser light creates concentrated heat which destroys the hair root. The hair is instantly removed and the follicle experiences regrowth at a much-reduced time or sometimes dies out permanently.

Essentially, this is how a single hair is removed using cosmetic procedure using laser technology. The process is long since every strand of hair is individually targeted, and requires multiple sessions depending on the area and amount of hair.

Expected Outcome

The outcome of laser hair removal is better than any other form of hair removal procedures in the world today. Better in terms of smooth results, slower regrowth of hair (if any!) and the entire process is spread across multiple sessions considering safety and protocols.

With multiple products available in the consumer market for hair removal, there is the concern of suiting your particular face and body skin, side effects, etc. Laser hair removal has proven to be one of the most reliable, safe & cost-effective solution.

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Many people, both men & women, have a common misconception that hair removal using laser surgery is expensive, since it requires multiple sessions. This is not necessarily accurate!

It is not possible to complete the procedure in a single session because it is done by individually targeting each hair follicle. So, it is recommended by experts to hold a few sessions and target every hair to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Laser treatment is a procedure which is suitable for both men and women. It is gaining in popularity among people and its success rate is rapidly increasing every day.

If you were to get laser hair removal, which are the areas to target?

Areas of Your Body or Face for Removing Unwanted Hair

Laser treatment can work on any part of your whole body to remove unwanted hair. The following are the most common areas of the body for laser treatment:

  • Face (throughout such as chin area, jaw line, upper lips, eyebrows, etc.)
  • Underarms
  • Hand
  • Fingers
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Shoulders
  • Stomach
  • Private areas (bikini, butt cheeks)
  • Legs
  • Thighs

How It Works & Advantages of Laser Hair Removal in Bristol

If you wanted a completely hairless body, for longer without any health concerns, then laser treatment is your best bet!

It will help you to remove unwanted hair from each and every part of your body, that you get treated on. So, as long as you know which area you want to target, then you will get the results. Compared to traditional or more common hair removal methods, it also gives a much smoother surface of your skin.

The highly powerful laser lights emitted target hair with highly concentrated energy which destroy the follicle. It is an instant that removes a hair with you feeling a slight, tolerable heat on your skin, as the laser light does its miracle.

The energy generated from the laser light first attracts the hair pigment. As a result, the darker or thicker your hair, the more apparent your results will be. This is not to say that it does not work on lighter coloured or thinner hair.

macro image of laser

For treatment, skincare specialists use up to four types of laser light systems, such as The Diode, Ruby, Alexandrite laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) system. All of which are FDA (USA Food and Drug Administration) approved! A standard session takes up to forty minutes. The duration or the number of sessions directly depends on the area of the body & the type of hair.

Additionally, as it is a highly technological cosmetic solution, studies suggest that further developments of laser technology, has improved its effectiveness on white, blonde and grey hair. So, the expected results for laser hair removal in Bristol for all hair types is positive!

How to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal Bristol

If you are planning on getting your unwanted body hair removed using a trusted laser hair removal centre in Bristol, then you must get started on the process at home!

Yes, that’s right, the procedure is up to you to start by as early as six weeks before your actual laser treatment. You must work on limiting yourself slowly from as early as 6 weeks for traditional methods you use now such as waxing, plucking, epilating, etc.

Since the main target of the laser lights will be your hair follicles, they must be grown to be accurately targeted at the root. Also, you must avoid exposing yourself to too much sunlight to prepare your skin for the procedure and for a few weeks after your procedure is completed.

It is also important that you verify the credentials of all the laser hair removal Bristol centres. You must check with your doctor or physician for any concerns, and getting done by reputed, licensed provider.

Some Key Things to Remember

Unwanted body or facial hair removal using laser technology is a cosmetic procedure. The powerful light emits heat & energy to destroy the hair follicles on your skin to remove hair and disrupts its normal growth.

But for those with hormonal issues, such as hirsutism, which is excessive hair growth, the effectiveness can vary. But in general, it is effective to significantly slow or completely stop hair growth from the particular area.

As we briefly mentioned earlier, the procedure has a common misconception of being too costly and issues with safety and other limitations.

Let’s look into some of these factors!

Cost of Laser Hair Removal in Bristol:

In the United Kingdom, hair removal costs can vary between £50 to £500 per session depending on the body part such as your lip or your entire body. In addition, you may need up to 5 sessions so you are looking at approximately £250 to £2500.

Experts recommend four to six sessions for any part of your body, to be spread across four to six weeks apart from each session.

Given the annual cost of skincare products and hair care products such as shaving cream, hair removing cream, wax strips, lotions, your time spent in removing unwanted body hair the cost is not too much.

Also, it is an investment which pays you back with peace of mind from not having to routinely removing hair or buying consumer products and overall, spending your time & energy every week or even day!

In that perspective, as a man if you were to get laser treatment on your underarms for £250 and not have to remove hair ever again, or maybe after 7-8 months, you will find it worthy! As for a woman, if you didn’t have to worry about shaving your legs for a year, that is time & energy which could be used in other productive areas of your daily life.

The initial cost may be high (but not too high when you calculate how much you spend a year on razors, shaving cream, wax strips, skincare lotions, etc.), but the value of it is much greater!

What are the Limitations:

One of the biggest concerns for most is that it is not a permanent solution.

Yes, it’s true… it’s not permanent!

Although the laser destroys the hair follicle, your body is constantly working to develop new hair follicles as it is only natural. But due to the disruption caused by the treatment, the growth rate is significantly reduced.

While traditionally, you will shave and it grows back as a stubble within a day, and if you wax, it lasts over weeks. Just like that, laser treatments can slow down hair growth for weeks to months varying from one individual to another.

Some people experience permanent effects as well! While others enjoy months and months of smooth, hairless skin. Most users also say that the new hair that does grow is significantly thinner, much like baby hair!

Although, there’s no guarantee that all the hair will permanently be removed, you will get long-term satisfaction. Results which last long enough to be a worthy investment.

Safety & Health Concerns:

The biggest safety or health concern that you should ensure is going to a laser hair removal Bristol centre which is reputed, trusted, licensed for services in the United Kingdom. Also, ensure that the centre is in a clean and safe environment.

laser hair removal treatment underarm

Always make sure that you are given information about what to do in case of discomfort, or other things you may experience throughout your procedure and after it.

During the Procedure:

You will shave the particular body part or area the day before your hair removal appointment.
As a quick summary, the following activities will take place during your procedure:

  • Wear special goggles to protect your eyes from the powerful laser light emissions
  • You will not get any local anaesthetic or other forms of anaesthesia
  • A cooling get or air spray will be applied on the area
  • A hand-held laser device will be closely attached to your skin
  • When the laser light is triggered, you will experience a slight discomfort such as a poke with some heat in the area
  • The session may last between 30 to 60 minutes, sometimes even more
  • How many sessions you need can only be determined by seeing your progress

After Your Treatment in a Laser Hair Removal Bristol Centre:

One of the aftereffects of the procedure is that the area will be slightly inflamed with redness and the raised rash may not go away for up to 24 hours. Treating the area with an ice pack or other normal methods for relief is perfectly fine.

Your particular area of the skin will be slightly more sensitive to sunlight. So, it is best to avoid exposure as much as possible, and definitely avoid tanning beds. It is also a good idea to use sunscreen for the first few weeks after.

Depending on your skin sensitivity, you may experience some of the following which are not too serious, but be as safe as possible by being in touch with a professional:

  • any crust, blister or rash which should heal within 10 days
  • slight lightening or darkening of skin for several weeks
  • swelling which may last up to a week
  • bruising which should heal within 15 days
  • slight burns or temporary scarring

Some rare conditions to be aware of:

  • Livedo reticularis – spotty or blotched skin
  • EAI or erythema ab igne – rash due to prolonged exposure to the high intensity laser light

In Case of Problems or Unexpected Issues

If you are not happy with the end results of your treatment, then you should get clarification from the professional for any issues or problems. Also, whether or not you are experiencing any normal or rare complications, you should always seek appropriate medical attention.

In case of emergencies, you should contact the particular laser hair removal Bristol centre directly. If you do not get the required help, contact your GP or local accident and emergency (A&E) department.

Professional Services for Laser Hair Removal

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Final Thoughts

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic service which gets rid of your unwanted hair in any part of the body with the end goal of reducing the hair regrowth by 80-90 percent. But if and when it grows back, it will typically be much lighter and much thinner.

Body hair removal needs anywhere between six to nine sessions, while facial hair treatments may require more sessions. The treatment sessions need to be scheduled at least four to six weeks apart. So, if you are ready then consider laser hair removal as your best option!

It is definitely gaining in popularity in the United Kingdom and results are more consistent for users. It is important that necessary maintenance and sessions are continued for consistency. Now that you know all about removing unwanted body or facial hair, you will be making well-informed decisions regarding laser hair removal.

Take a look at some of the prices today before you book an appointment.